Sunday, October 16, 2011

PYALARA's video chat!

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Hasna and I will be talking to you over a video call tomorrow morning. Please do not mind the incoherent language I am using or punctuation, it’s 1 AM here in Jerusalem!

Every single time Dr. Horowitz invites me to talk about Jerusalem to one of her classes I pause and think to myself: “Where do I start?” Jerusalem in itself whether as a city, a pillar of history –both modern and ancient-, or the mere culture blender, is nothing short of a lifetime of studying and investigation. I am quite sure talking to Salim Tamari gave you a closer look at the social fabric of the city and its historical ties. Born and raised in Jerusalem I guess my role comes in explaining the how-abouts of living in Jerusalem, the day to day experiences we get to “enjoy” (or otherwise) which involves of course the politics of Palestine in the eyes of youth, the opportunities we get or lack thereof in addition to the challenges imposed by various factors onto our lives. Now I know from previous experiences that a video chat would not be enough to convey the complete picture, but I promise to do my best to answer all your questions tomorrow.

In case you haven’t already submitted your questions on the class blog please feel free to e-mail them at and I will respond to them ASAP.

Looking forward to “meeting” you all tomorrow.

All the best,

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